Abstract - Listening to Kazakhstan: A Way for Central and Eastern European Countries to Improve eGovernment | Research | IDC Central Asia

In This Perspective

Kazakhstan's egovernment agenda can be regarded as a success story. In the UN's 2014 E-Government Development Index, Kazakhstan ranked in 28th place, outranking Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) countries that far more affluent, such as Poland (42nd), the Czech Republic (53rd), and Hungary (39th). Russia ranked slightly better (27th), while Estonia (15th) is the undisputed regional leader. However, given relatively low Kazakhstani GDP and, above all, its very low starting position in the egovernment index (81st in 2008), its development is perhaps still more impressive. Moreover, not including Morocco, city states such as Monaco, and small island states such as Micronesia, Kazakhstan has managed to move upward in the rankings more than any other country in the world, climbing 53 places between 2008 and 2014. The Kazakhstani experience may therefore be instructive for more affluent CEE countries that are currently struggling to deliver egovernment services to their citizens and enterprises.